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Exhibition procedures:

1. Please fax the application form to the organizer. The organizing committee will send detailed Exhibitor Manual after receiving the application form. In order to ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the organizer reserves the right to negotiate with the exhibitors and finally adjust the booth.

2. Exhibitors should pay 30% of the exhibition fee as the deposit within one week after registration, and the remaining 70% of the exhibition fee should be paid before April 15, 2020. No booth will be reserved after the deadline.

3, "exhibitor's manual" is an important exhibitors files, include: the installation of the exhibit transportation, utility and charging, meeting report (accommodation, traffic, location and time, etc.) arrangement, goods rental, enterprise publicity materials (catalogue production and advertising), exhibitors, please read carefully and fill in the receipt, by fax to the organizing committee in a timely manner.

Dear Exhibitors:

Thank you for signing up for the Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition!

To create a first-class professional exhibition is our unremitting pursuit, and the quality of professional visitors is one of the important signs of the success of the exhibition. This year, we have strengthened the following aspects in the promotion of professional visitors, we hope to get your support and help as always.

1. The website of the exhibition has been upgraded to increase the publicity of exhibitors. After paying the deposit, as long as you provide the relevant information, you can enjoy the online preview service of enterprises or products for two months before and after the exhibition for free on the exhibition website.

2. A detailed pre-exhibition preview will be printed to let the audience know the scale and exhibits of the exhibition, which will be provided to you, distributed by you to customers, and widely distributed along with the visiting tickets; If you have no time to send it, we will be happy to do it for you. Please provide us with your detailed address.

3. The invitation letter of the audience will be issued to each exhibitor, and some VIP visitors will be invited by the enterprises. The VIP visitors will get the exhibition catalogue and souvenirs added by the exhibition organizer for free.

4. In addition to vigorously promoting the exhibition on more than 30 professional newspapers, magazines and websites in China, this year we have also invested in some popular mass media and financial newspapers to maximize the audience. And in Southeast Asia, India, Russia and other neighboring countries on the professional media to increase the intensity of advertising, at the same time, we also make full use of similar exhibition cooperation opportunities at home and abroad, widely invited overseas customers.

5. Direct mailing of visiting tickets is the most direct way to invite customers. While maintaining this traditional method, we classify the previous audience statistics, pay special attention to the large and medium-sized food production enterprises, add E-mail, telephone direct invitation and other promotion means to ensure the attendance rate of the audience.

6. After the exhibition: provide each exhibitor with an analysis report of the number of visitors and a comment and suggestion form, so as to listen to the opinions and Suggestions of manufacturers, so that we can improve our work and constantly improve the service of the exhibition.

The exhibition is our common exhibition and the audience is our common God. The continuous development and expansion of the exhibition is also our common wish. We hope that the joint efforts of both sides will make the exhibition a complete success!

The organizer:

China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association

China Packaging and Food Machinery Co. LTD

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