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Advanced audience promotion programs:
1. Introduce online pre-show services. Exhibitors who have paid booth rental will receive four months’ (two months before and two months after the show) free online promotional services, in order to promote enterprise products in all aspect and attracts visitors to visit the exhibition more facilitate.
2. Print detailed Show Preview in batches in order to let the audience understand the scale of the exhibition and the exhibition content. Send to the exhibitors so that they can distribute to customers, at the same time send directly to the visitors by us together with the tickets.
3. Print and send VIP invitations to each exhibitor for them to invite VIP guests. The VIP guests will receive free catalogue and souvenirs present by organizers.
4. Advanced media support:Media support: China Packaging News (CPN), Int'l Plastics News, China packaging industry, Huayin Media, MM Plastics Technology, Plastic Today, China Pack Net, China Automation, China Food Manufacturing Journal, International Packaging News for China,, Rockwell Automation, Packaging and Food Machinery, Package Standard Of China ( Media above will propagate the exhibition before the exhibition, during the exhibition and give follow-up reports. In addition, foreign media will also give simultaneously reports. Authoritative media’s involvement will greatly help PACKTECH & FOODTECH to expand the world impact.
5. Propagate via E-mail and fax:The Organizer sends invitation by E-mail to potential buyers in the database. Invite the professional audience through e-mail, fax and by telephone when the exhibition approach.

Exhibition Schedule:

Time: 19-21June 2023

Venue:  National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

The organizer:

China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association

China Packaging and Food Machinery Co. LTD

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