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Check-in venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center


1. Take the subway

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Metro Line 2: Exit 4, Exit 5 and Exit 6 of Xujing East Station

Metro Line 17: Zhuguang Road Station, Exit 2

Audience without a traffic card:

It is recommended to buy a round trip ticket when you come to the Exhibition hall, so as to reduce the time for you to queue up again when you leave the exhibition hall. It is recommended to download Metro, the official APP of Shanghai Metro. There is no queue for mobile phones to enter or exit.

2.The bus

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Bus Station: Xujing East Station (Metro Line 2, Xujing East Station)

Direct bus lines: 197, 706, 710, 865, Xujing 1, Xujing 2, Xujing 4, Baixu line, Qingxu Line, Zhuxu Line, Qingfengxu special line.

Bus hotline: 16088160


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Car booking hotline: Volkswagen Taxi 96822; Bus hire 96840; Jinjiang For rent 96961; Johnson & Johnson leasing 62580,000; Industrial and commercial leasing 96965


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Navigation: Search keyword "National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)" no. 168, Yinggang East Road (South Square). Parking during the exhibition period, P5-P6 parking lot is recommended.

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