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Food processing machinery

Beer and beverage machinery, fruit and vegetable machinery, pastry and leisure food processing equipment, meat machinery, pasta machinery, dairy machinery, soy milk and soy products processing equipment, condiment equipment, chocolate and candy processing equipment, grease processing equipment, central kitchen and catering equipment, etc.

General food machinery

Cleaning equipment, sterilization equipment, drying equipment, crushing equipment, refrigeration and freezing equipment, testing equipment, production workshop purification equipment, environmental protection equipment, pumps, pipe valve fittings, safety protection products, etc.

Packaging machinery

Liquid packaging equipment, solid packaging equipment, after packaging machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, coding and coding equipment, labeling equipment, conveying equipment, etc.

Intelligent equipment

Robotics and automation, digital factory transformation, machine vision, sensing and transmission devices, intelligent storage, intelligent logistics, etc.

Packaging materials and products

Packaging materials/products/containers, plastic/cardboard/metal/glass packaging, packaging container production equipment, pulp molding equipment and products, etc.

Labels and flexible packaging

Label and printing equipment, material supply, equipment spare parts, flexible packaging printing equipment, etc.

Logistics packaging

Logistics packaging technology, label identification, palletizing machine, AGV logistics equipment and system.

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