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From xi jinping in the party's general secretary 19 big report, to the rural economic work conference, in 2018 the central no. 1 files, li keqiang, the prime minister's important instructions, and then to the central committee of the communist party of China, the State Council issued by the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country planning 2018-2022, in the past ten months, with the national strategic deployment of the advancing step by step, "rural revitalization" has become the focus of nowadays well-deserved.

   On August 15, 2018, Beijing bulgari hotel directors meeting room, a more than 50 media and industry authority which nearly industry representatives to participate in, titled "country revitalization (Shanghai) agriculture technology and equipment exhibition and cooperation signing ceremony" of the press conference to push up again the keywords "country revitalization" heat at the same time, also let participants and all the industry tongren, feeling of the national strategic industry actively respond to a nation called on and practice.


   Condense the heart to gather force, set sail against the potential


The signing ceremony, the country revitalization (Shanghai) agriculture technology and equipment exhibition (English abbreviation Expo Agri - tech) of the organizers of the leadership, the Chinese society of agricultural machinery feng-min zhao, deputy secretary-general of the ms bower, Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD., founder of the directors, Mr Ming-liang wang, China packaging and food machinery co., LTD., deputy general manager Mr Hai-jun zhou, solemnly signed cooperation agreement on behalf of the parties. The three parties will respond to the call of the national rural revitalization strategy and jointly organize and promote the preparation and operation of the agricultural technology Exhibition for rural revitalization with the help of advantageous resources of all parties. The first exhibition will be held from June 19-21, 2019 at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the largest single building and exhibition complex in the world in area.

   Signed a cooperation agreement, marked by a national authority industry association, the international exhibition group and large enterprises directly under China institute of agricultural mechanization, tripartite organization, build together with rural revitalization, stick to the beautiful rural construction and rural tertiary industry fusion pulse and is committed to the deep brand in the field of agriculture, enterprises, production, agency and industry to build a high-quality and efficient trading platform project officially started.


   A Shared trading platform covering the whole industrial chain

  The reporter learned from the press conference that at the rural Revitalization Agricultural Technology Exhibition, exhibitors from both domestic and overseas will display their equipment, technologies and services in the whole process of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, including planting, breeding, primary processing, storage, logistics, and e-commerce of agricultural products. Exhibitors from state-level advanced agricultural demonstration zones, research, planning and design institutions, and leading enterprises in the industry will also present successful cases of planning and design for rural revitalization, and solutions for the integration of three industries, which represent the domestic and international advanced levels, to professional visitors in all industries through various forms of display.

   Exhibition will also work with the China food and packaging machinery association, China packaging and food machinery co., LTD. And Shanghai bower international exhibition co., LTD., jointly hosted the "Shanghai food processing and packaging machinery exhibition exhibition" bower, and Shanghai's "healthy natural ingredients, food ingredients China exhibition", "Shanghai international exhibition of starch and starch derivatives", etc., well versed in agricultural production, raw material (distribution) of material production, processing, packaging, logistics,... Professional exhibitions in various subdivisions of the whole food industry chain will be held at the same time. In addition, the "2019 'Yangtze River Delta Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Expo" with the theme of "Entering the beautiful countryside and experiencing the pleasure of agricultural tourism" will also highlight the National Convention and Exhibition Center together with the rural Revitalization Agricultural Technology Exhibition.

    Then the sharing from around the world more than 1500 exhibitors and 100000 + professional audience resources, the total display area reached 150000 square meters of exhibition cluster, will provide, including agriculture, industry enterprises, brands and practitioners provide valuable cross-border exchange opportunities, jointly build a across the 123 industry to expand business opportunities, share trading platform of industry cooperation.


   Industry information exchange center

In addition to the exhibitors from home and abroad the full range of static and dynamic display, closely integrated with meetings, BBS and other activities will be the country revitalization of agricultural extension show another big luminescent spot, organizers will revolve around the country revitalization under the big background industry widely concern about the hot topic, high efficiency to promote the success of firms of fusion, and core issues, such as green agriculture, circular economy planning activities more than the same period.

  Zhao Fengmin, deputy secretary general of China Agricultural Machinery Society, told reporters: As a platform for scientific and technological workers in the agricultural machinery industry, the society will take advantage of expert wisdom, give full play to its professional advantages and gather industrial resources to actively promote the organization of the exhibition. With the help of inviting relevant overseas societies and organizations, mobilizing experts, scholars and front-line workers from various branches of domestic societies and subdivisions to share their insights on the exhibition site and communicate extensively with colleagues in the industry, etc., the exhibition will be built into a communication center for authoritative academic and industrial solutions.

   It is reported, current activities of the host parties has been mulling over the same period includes the higher-ups gathered, dry goods, full of "country revitalization of the planning and design and rural industrial convergence mode 123 BBS", including niche experts gathered in the "fruit tea equipment technical seminar and the Chinese society of agricultural machinery facilities, mechanization of agriculture and fruit and vegetable branch founding conference" and so on.


The strong are united and ready for action

Bower conference, Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD., founder of the directors, Mr Ming-liang wang introduced to: as Asia's largest exhibition organized group, Shanghai bower's parent company - UBM Asia has successfully held the "Agri - tech in Asia Pacific, agricultural technology exhibition" (Chinese Taipei), such as southeast Asia idylls Livestock husbandry more than agriculture, animal husbandry areas related to the exhibition, has a lot of overseas resources, which will be held in Shanghai for next year's Expo Agri - tech internationalization provide strong guarantee. Not only the agricultural and animal husbandry equipment from overseas, but also the internationally leading equipment, technology and services will be introduced to China on this platform to promote the integration of China's agriculture with the international market. Terminal customers, industry organizations and purchasers from all over the world will also be invited to seek broad business opportunities in the strategic tide of China's rural revitalization.

Show another host, China packaging and food machinery co., LTD., deputy general manager of hai-jun zhou added, the bag company in the "food processing project", "potato processing project", "livestock and poultry slaughtering project", "fruit and vegetable processing project", "cold chain system engineering", "oil processing project", "exhibition and trade, and other areas of the seven have superior technical reserves and strong industry in the leading position, and these two firms merge, modernization of agricultural production, rural revitalization of the be closely bound up such as strategic reserves and advantage will help the successful hosting of the exhibition.

2018, the first year of China's rural Revitalization strategy, is also the origin year of the Rural Revitalization (Shanghai) Agricultural Technology and Equipment Exhibition. Linked up and down in the country, many measures and vigorously promote the background, the aggregation of agricultural machinery institute and generous package company professional and industry resources, as well as the UBM and Shanghai bower global coverage of the exhibitors, the audience data and upstream and downstream industry linkage advantage of rural revitalization of agricultural technology exhibition, will become the general agricultural people in the country revitalization of braving the beacon light and outpost in the spring.


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