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By China food and packaging machinery industry association, China packaging and food machinery co., LTD., Shanghai han bower international exhibition co., LTD., China international conference and exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD., held "2019 Shanghai international food processing and packaging machinery exhibition exhibition" (FoodPack & ProPak China 2019) has been on June 21, 2019 at the national convention center (Shanghai) came to a successful close.



This exhibition gathers FoodPack China and ProPak China two industry leading advantage resources, the exhibition joint in the same period of healthy ingredients, food ingredients, health camp keep products, starch industry, such as series of brand exhibition, formed through food ingredients, food processing, packaging, FMCG, healthy diet, and so on the whole industry chain of each link, multiple connected, each other together China's processing industry event.

The 2019 joint exhibition covers a total area of 70,600 square meters, attracting 890 well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises from 22 countries and regions, an increase of 31% over the previous year. In the same period of health raw materials exhibition, food ingredients exhibition, starch exhibition upstream and downstream industry linkage effect, this year attracted a large number of terminal industry buyers to visit. Over the three days, 33,713 professional visitors from 120 countries and regions came to visit the exhibition, an increase of 34% over the same period in 2018.




Data Analysis

* The following analysis data are the sampling survey results of the on-site audience questionnaire in 2019 exhibition


Source of the audience


  Audience size in the last three years


Audience job Classification


Audience industry

* Part of the audience business covers multiple industries


Audience interested in the main products


Domestic audience source top 10 regions

* The map shows only the regions of the top ten provinces and cities in China


Overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan audience source top 10 countries and regions



Onsite Activities

During the exhibition in 2019 more than the innovative technology BBS and activities, invited to nestle, Qingdao beer, want want, suntory, jingdong, new hope, the first farmers, light, dupont, rockwell, Siemens, SAP and other industry experts, to share the actual product cases, discusses the application of advanced technology, provide inspiration and information to the personage inside course of study. Forum topics focus on food industry digitalization, fresh e-commerce and cold chain logistics packaging, intelligent packaging application, FMCG processing packaging development trend and other hot topics.


Seminar on digital Applications in food Industry

Sponsor: China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association



Packaging Home - Intelligent Packaging Summit Forum

Organizer: Home of packaging



A new era of retail --

The second China E-commerce and Food logistics Packaging Technology Development Summit

And fresh cold chain summit Forum

Sponsor: Food Logistics Committee of China Food Industry Association



Yangtze River Delta Food and Packaging Safety Innovation Collaborative Development Forum

Organizers: Shanghai Food Society, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, Jiangsu Food Science and Technology Association, Zhejiang Food Society, Zhejiang Packaging Federation, Anhui Food Industry Association



Yangtze River Delta Drinks Forum

Sponsor: Shanghai Beverage Industry Association



Food and beverage Packaging Forum - Integration of liquid packaging and production and storage

Organizer: Food and Beverage Engineering, World Packaging Expo



Thank you so much for your strong support (FoodPack & ProPak China 2019)!


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